Hardy Coleman


Friday, June 3 – 5 pm at
The Bookstore in Pine City, Minnesota.

Meet the author and get your own copy signed

The Bookstore 253 Main Street, Pine City, MN 55063




Sunday, June 5 – 3 – 5 pm,
Book Launch Party at
The Black Forest Inn Festaal Auditorium.

With special guest Storyteller and Moonfire Author Loren Niemi.

Hardy Coleman comes by his tall tales honestly. The son of a small-town Texas doctor, Hardy would listen to his dad pretend to read from medical texts while spinning yarns about ghosts, sports heroes, and World War II villains.

To this day, Hardy’s children have a hard time believing what he tells them because he’s always making stuff up. He lives in South Minneapolis with his partner, Patricia Enger, who is far more gullible than his kids. In fact, she’ll believe anything he says. This is probably one reason they get along so well.

Game Day

GAME DAY – On sale June 1, 2022

“…This is the story I couldn’t tell my friends, when I went looking for a lost ball and had to escape by my wits alone. It’s fading now, like a waking dream, so I won’t be able to tell you the story for much longer…”

The Kid is a scrawny member of the Credible Hulks baseball team. The Hulks only have The Professor’s handmade ball to play with – a cobbled-together creation of a rock that he coated with melted down bicycle tires, olive oil, and some hair from his baby brother’s head.
Until one day, Leg’s little sister Tag Along shows up, bringing a real baseball. This ball belonged to Tag-Along’s grandfather, the home run king of San Juan, who played in the big time Puerto Rican Leagues.

The very first time they use the real baseball in a match against the Spit Vipers though, disaster strikes! One of the Vipers gets a hit, and the ball goes straight into a sewer grating where the street used to be. The grating is narrow, and The Kid is the only kid small enough to go down into the sewer to retrieve the ball.

Once he enters the sewer, The Kid meets magical and menacing creatures who’ve been living below the streets. Some are helpful – and some are very, very hungry. He must use all his wits to evade a crew of famished sewer dwellers, to bring back Tag-Along’s grandfather’s baseball and avoid being eaten in the process.