Sheila Marshall


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Sheila Marshall (aka Moonfire) is the founder of Moonfire Publishing and the author of a series of entertaining dining and compatibility guides featuring vampires, zombies and werewolves. The books come complete with colorful and imaginative illustrations, and are full of tasty recipes. These seriously humorous guides combine the art of personality typing and dating advice with a delicious and extensive collection of recipes, including appetizers, undead breads, main courses, sides and decadent desserts.

As a small child, her father related how he once spent two and half days traveling by train and singing songs with Bela Lugosi. This adventure captured her imagination, and these books are dedicated to that memory. She is a former Chicago restaurateur and currently a licensed psychologist and social worker, in practice since 1985. She has created therapy programs in creative writing and the arts, and brings her keen insights into personality types to this series of monster dining and dating books.

Go Fork Ye Crooked Spoon and Let Me Live My Knife! by Sheila Marshall and Illustrated by Sarah Marie Wash. This whimsical guide to cooking and carving meats is written in Shakespearean language and includes amusing quotations from the Bard. It is filled with a collection of striking black and white illustrations by Twin Cities artist Sarah Marie Wash that complement the instructive and irreverent text.

Learn to cook and carve, with hearty laughs all the while. Now available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book Editions.

zombie_full_cover_smallThe Zombies’ Guide to Dining, by Moonfire. Let’s face it – you just can’t eat all brains, all the time. There comes a point where you need some variety in your diet. In this follow-up to The Vampires’ Guide to Dining, author Moonfire (Sheila Marshall) moves on from vampires to the world of zombies, outlining their personality types and suggesting recipes for their unique anatomies.

Like the previous volume, the book is filled with humorous illustrations and plenty of new ideas for navigating the world of the undead. Now available in Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book editions.

New Cover artThe Vampires’ Guide to Dining, by Moonfire. Everybody knows that vampires don’t drink wine. But what do they eat? In this humorous cookbook and compatibility guide, author Moonfire (Sheila Marshall) explores the world of dating and hosting the various personality types that make up the vast legions of the undead.

The book is filled with funny and imaginative illustrations, and is a perfect handbook for undead-themed party planning or surviving a full-on zombie apocalypse. Now available in Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book editions.