Story Collections

What Haunts Us by Loren Niemi

What Haunts Us is a fresh, new collection of ghost stories and other paranormal tales by award-winning storyteller Loren Niemi. His first published story collection is an evocative compendium of stories he has performed on many stages, along with new explorations of paranormal mysteries which arise at the intersection of the ordinary, flicker in the imagination, and dwell in memory.

“Storytelling is my life’s work. From the Turtle Mountain Reservation in North Dakota to the Great Wall of China, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to PS 122 in NYC, and at Fringe Festivals across America, I’ve explored the power of narrative and the beauty of poetry to illuminate what it is to be human and why it matters.”

What Haunts Us is now available in paperback on Bookshop and also on Amazon. E-books are available for Amazon Kindle and Smashwords.

Other Titles

Go Fork Ye Crooked Spoon and Let Me Live My Knife! by Sheila Marshall and Illustrated by Sarah Marie Wash

This whimsical guide to cooking and carving meats is both educational and entertaining.

The book is written in Shakespearean language, and includes amusing quotations (and almost-quotations) from the Bard. It is filled with striking black and white illustrations by Twin Cities artist Sarah Marie Wash that complement the instructive and sometimes irreverent text.

This book is a must for every kitchen that holds William Shakespeare and his works in high esteem. Learn to cook and carve, with hearty laughs all the while.

Go Fork Ye Crooked Spoon and Let Me Live My Knife! is now available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book Editions.

Paranormal Fiction

The Guild Series

Scott Michael Stenwick’s Guild Series is urban fantasy rooted in the principles of real-world ceremonial magick and set in a world remarkably like our own. The series draws upon his experiences as an initiate of a real magical order, his practice of real magical rituals, and his recognized expertise in the field of Enochian Magick.

Arcana by Scott Michael Stenwick

arcana_coverArcana is the first installment of Scott Stenwick’s Guild Series, published in 2009.

Balzador was once a mighty Demon, but after opposing his master Coronzon he found himself exiled on Earth inhabiting a human body. Only one way remains for him to return home – binding together the world’s magick and joining in a war against the Archons, sworn enemies of the Demons, that would upset the cosmic balance of power. Standing in his way is the Guild, an order of magicians founded during the European Renaissance that holds the secrets of practical magick he desperately needs to complete his task.

After a terrible magical accident the Guild is divided and distracted. Guild initiate Michael Niemand and A∴A∴ initiate Samantha Davis must unite the members of their respective magical orders against Balzador if any of them hope to survive. Complicating their task further, the government magick office has taken an interest in the Demon and the Guild and seeks to use both for its own purposes. As Balzador’s plans unfold, the two magicians struggle to stop the binding spell and find a way to destroy the immortal Demon. But will their efforts prove too late?

Arcana is available from Pendraig Publishing in Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords E-Book editions.

Ipswich by Scott Michael Stenwick

Ipswich_CoverIpswich is the first sequel to Scott Stenwick’s 2009 debut novel Arcana and the second installment of his Guild Series.

The book tells the story of wealthy heiress and party girl Sara Winchester, whose eyes are opened to hidden world of spirits and paranormal occult forces when her when an experimental psychoactive drug unlocks her dormant mystical powers and senses. With the help of the centuries-old order of magicians known as the Guild, she explores her new abilities and attempts to solve the mystery of her mother’s untimely death.

Sara’s investigation leads her to the little town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, where she must face a killer who can control the spirits of the dead and the remnants of an order of dark magicians who seek to destroy both her and the Guild. Will her fledgling powers prove equal to the task, or will her soul be trapped forever along with the restless dead of Ipswich?

Ipswich is available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and Smashwords E-Book editions.

The Northern Vampire Saga

Sheila Marshall and Scott Stenwick’s Northern Vampire Saga is steeped in the mystery of Minnesota’s North Woods and the North Shore of Lake Superior. Vampires and other paranormal creatures stalk the Northland, preying upon the unwitting, and only an unlikely team of investigators can stop them.

Written in Blood by Sheila Marshall and Scott Stenwick

David Killian is an ancient vampire with the power to write the fate of the Northland in his own blood. When he writes the ideal lover and companion into life, he summons artist Kristie Slay from Chicago to Castle Danger on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

David hungers for the promise of their joining, the final seal of his power over Castle Danger. Kristie is drawn by the town’s mystery, and the surprise of a new love springing from her past.

But Kristie carries with her a hidden secret that may lead to both their undoing.

Written in Blood is scheduled for release in Fall 2020.

Imaginative Kitchen Intrigue

Creature Cookbook Series

With the current popularity of vampires, zombies and werewolves, this series of creature dining reference books is guaranteed to appeal to anyone interested in that “dark enchanted evening.” You will enjoy these hilarious, insightful dating guides, and delight in a wide range of tasty foods to cook and savor.

The Vampires’ Guide to Dining by Moonfire

Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not subsist on blood alone. The Vampires’ Guide to Dining introduces a comic universe of sixteen vampire types, and includes “vamp-spiring” and “non-vamp-spiring” dating and dining tips for each.

For example, Trailer Trash Drac loves his Baby Back ribs, and the perfect dating scene for him is a honky-tonk bar and grill. For those into more sustainable life-styles, the Eco Type vamp dinner of such delights as Monster Mash Hash and Fangs ‘n Hot Chicken Wings might be more to their taste.

The Vampires’ Guide to Dining is now available in Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book editions.

The Zombies’ Guide to Dining by Moonfire


Zombies eventually get tired of all brains, all the time. The Zombies’ Guide to Dining moves on to the subject of zombies, classifying their personality types and suggesting recipes for food and drinks that will appeal to their unique anatomies.

Whether your preferred dining locale is a fancy restaurant or an informal pub crawl, this guide has all the answers you will need to have a great time. And when the zombie apocalypse finally happens, knowing your way around cooking for these ravenous creatures could prove life-saving.

The Zombies’ Guide to Dining is now available in Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book editions.