Memento Mori at Bowdoin College Museum of Art

This exhibit on the culture surrounding death in the Renaissance looks fantastic!
From the Bowdoin Museum website:
“This exhibition represents a significant contribution to our understanding of the rich visual culture of mortality in Renaissance Europe. The appeal of the “memento mori,” featuring macabre imagery urging us to “remember death,” reached the apex of its popularity around 1500, when artists treated the theme in innovative and compelling ways. Exquisite artworks—from ivory prayer beads to gem-encrusted jewelry—evoke life’s preciousness and the tension between pleasure and responsibility, then and now.”
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Bowdoin College Museum of Art
9400 College Station, Brunswick ME 04011
207-725-3275 ·

Moonfire Wants You!

We publish words of wyrd and fascination; the humorous, the Marvelous.

Magical realism. Paranormal thrillers. Speculative fiction realized through both text and image.

Food for the moon to feed the heart and mind, and new expressions of all that is dark and enchanting.

Moonfire Publishing seeks out the strange, the unusual, the macabre, and the unconventional, and our titles reflect that vision.

We know that you are both strange and unusual – and we want you to submit your words and art today! Moonfire Publishing currently has an open submissions period. We have a new book in the works which we’ll be announcing soon. Some other projects under consideration right now including novels, a novella (yes, we’re looking at these!) and a gothic-flavored series of art trading cards.

But there’s room on our plates for more! If you have a manuscript or sample chapters, feel free to send a Word doc (or PDF, if you prefer) to, along with your contact information. View our Submissions page for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Twin Cities Book Festival Was A Success!

A big thank you and shout out to all the wonderful folks that came to the Twin Cities Book fair and stopped by the table to check out our new and upcoming titles! We had a fun time, sold books, and made some great new friends.
We’ll be updating you all soon with the winner of the raffle to give away free copies of our two newest Moonfire titles Written in Blood and Ipswich. Thanks again to everyone who made the Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival such a great event. #TCBF

Schedule of Events at the Twin Cities Book Festival on October 14

Greetings all! For folks in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota, make sure to make some time on Saturday, October 14 to come down to the Progress Center and the Fine Arts Center at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds (directions available here) between 10 am and 5 pm CDT.
There’s a complete list of events online at the Rain Taxi website. Moonfire Publishing is located at table #205 in the Exhibition Hall.
Stop by and see the new releases for Fall – Written in Blood, a vampire novel set on the Northshore; and Ipswich – Scott Michael Stenwick’s latest novel in the Guild Series. #TCBF

Moonfire Publishing at the Twin Cities Book Festival October 14

We’re super excited to be participating in this event, sponsored by Rain Taxi. The Twin Cities Book Festival is an all-day celebration of books, writing, and the Twin Cities community. If you are in town, stop by to see Moonfire Publishing at table #205!

Sex With Ghosts?

sex_with_ghosts_jpgMoonfire doesn’t currently publish a dating and dining guide for ghosts. But maybe we should, because sex with ghosts is apparently a thing now. Even though it’s something of a recent fad, as it turns out it has a long history. A number of grimoires – books of spells – from the Middle Ages and Renaissance include spells for summoning up spectral sexual partners. At any rate, two intrepid Buzzfeed writers recently decided to give it a go, and this is their story.

Spectrophilia — sexual intercourse between living human beings and ghosts — is a phenomenon with a history that dates back centuries. The folklore of many cultures include stories about humans gettin’ it on with ghostly entities — gods, demons, Caspers, you name it.

In modern day, though, barely anyone talks about ghost sex. It’s pretty much just Kesha and Paranormal 2 actress Natasha Blasick. Not even one Kardashian has Instagrammed about it.

A person in search of answers to their ghost-sex inquiries has very limited resources. For that reason, we — Arianna Rebolini and Katie Heaney — decided to investigate it for ourselves.

We decided to fuck some ghosts.

The story goes on from there, and the whole thing makes for quite an entertaining read. The short version is that one of the writers didn’t experience anything, and all that happened to the other was that she felt a weird tingle in her hand at one point during the night. You never know, that tingle could have been a ghost trying to make contact, or maybe she just held her hand at the wrong angle at some point. With such minimal data it’s hard to tell.

A couple of thoughts – it’s pretty clear that these two writers went into it expecting nothing to happen, and a lot of the time if you’re closed off to something paranormal happening it won’t. During the Renaissance, though, somebody would generally only try something like this if they really expected it to work. So as with anything, set and setting are important. And maybe if they would have tried the full procedure from one of those old grimoires, it might have worked better.

#TrumpCard Book Trailer

Watch the book trailer here

Thank you so much to all our local supporters who came out on Sunday August 6th to the Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore held at BlackStack Brewing in St. Paul. The event was a wild success! Moonfire author Scott Michael Stenwick tabled at the event, and one of the biggest draws was his new YA Dystopia novel Trump Card.
Now on sale, Trump Card is available in print


And E-book on Smashwords.

Vive le Resistance!