The Vampires’ Guide to Dining

New Cover art

Contrary to popular belief, vampires do not subsist on blood alone. The Vampires’ Guide to Dining introduces a comic universe of sixteen vampire types, and includes “vamp-spiring” and “non-vamp-spiring” dating and dining tips for each.

For example, Trailer Trash Drac loves his Baby Back ribs, and the perfect dating scene for him is a honky-tonk bar and grill. For those into more sustainable life-styles, the Eco Type vamp dinner of such delights as Monster Mash Hash and Fangs ‘n Hot Chicken Wings might be more to their taste.

With the current popularity of vampires, zombies and werewolves, the entire series of creature dining reference books is guaranteed to appeal to anyone interested in that “dark enchanted evening.” You will enjoy these hilarious, insightful dating guides, as well as delight in a range of tasty foods to cook and savor.

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