The Museum of Shadows

museum_of_shadowsIf you ever find yourself in Plattsmouth, Nebraska and are a fan of the paranormal, check out The Museum of Shadows, a museum filled with allegedly paranormal items that bills itself as “the most haunted museum in the world.” Owners Nate and Kaleigh Raterman have assembled a collection of more than a thousand “haunted items” from all over the world. In addition to the collection itself, the museum also hosts a variety of activities.

Touring the museum is only one of the activities ghost-lovers can partake in there. “We have candlelight tours and guided tours in the evening where we talk about the most haunted items in the museum and the different paranormal activities we have experienced in the museum,” Nate said.

Actual ghost hunts are also available. “It’s lights out and we use top-of-the-line equipment and actually investigate ghosts. Our June 23 ghost hunt was sold out,” Nate said. Four ghost hunts are scheduled every month. Only 12 tickets are sold for each ghost hunt. “Candlelight tours are open to anyone,” Nate said.

The museum opened in Plattsmouth June 17 at 502 Main Street. “We opened it October 2016 in Elmwood and moved it from there,” Kaleigh said. “Plattsmouth is really nice. We love the community. Our first event here in Plattsmouth involved all repeat customers who went to an event in Elmwood. They love the building and love Plattsmouth. There is more for them to do. They can walk around the downtown to the different shops. We’ve had really good feedback from people who came to our past location.”

Kaleigh said they both enjoy having the museum on Plattsmouth’s historic Main Street. “It’s also a larger building and we have room to expand,” she said.

That sounds like just the sort of place Moonfire fans might want to explore. If we’re ever in the area we’ll be sure to check it out, and bring back any cool and spooky paranormal tales from our trip.

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