Haunt the Black Forest!

Rebecca Ramsden is one of the headliners at this event. Please join Rebecca in an evening of music and haunted tales performed by Loren Niemi at the Black Forest Inn Festaal Room on April 13th, 2019 from 7:00–8:30 pm. This event will celebrate the release of Loren’s new story collection What Haunts Us. The Black Forest Inn is located at 1 East 26th Street, Minneapolis MN, 55404.

  • Featuring Performances by Loren Niemi, Jim Stowell, Mike Finley, and Rebecca Ramsden.

  • Music by Carl Franzen and friends.

  • Special Guest Jack Zipes will offer a few words about ghost stories.
Stop by the Black Forest Inn Festaal Room on April 13th for a haunting and enchanting evening of great performances! The Facebook link for this event can be found here.

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