Live Your Best Knife!

GoForkCanva8x10_XsmallMoonfire Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Go Fork Ye Crooked Spoon and Let Me Live My Knife! by Sheila Marshall and Illustrated by Sarah Marie Wash.

“Nothing is more unsightly and unappetizing than a moiety of chicken with the bones chopped at all sorts of angles with splinters of bone in the meat.”

This whimsical guide to cooking and carving meats is both educational and entertaining. It is written in Shakespearean language and includes amusing quotations – and almost-quotations – from the Bard. Filled with striking illustrations that complement the instructive and sometimes irreverent text, it is a must for every kitchen that holds William Shakespeare and his works in high esteem.

Learn to cook and carve, with hearty laughs all the while!

Now available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle and Smashwords E-Book Editions.

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