The Smashwords July Summer / Winter Sale starts tomorrow!

Special sale on Moonfire Publishing E-books during the month of July. Now’s a good time to pick up a Moonfire e-book and take advantage of lower prices. Discounts of 25% off to 50% off on selected titles.

Go Fork and Live Your Best Knife. Now is the time!

Pick up the Smashwords e-book version of Moonfire’s latest release for a special 25% off sales price during the month of July. “Go Fork, Ye Crooked Spoon and Let Me Live My Knife!” today.

Grab a copy of The Zombie’s Guide to Dining.

Moonfire’s humorous illustrated dining and drinking guide to the world of zombies explores the various zombie types, and food and drink to sate their ravenous cravings. Get your copy of The Zombie’s Guide to Dining for a special 50% discount.

Drink and Dine with Your Moonfire Desire!

Moonfire’s humorous illustrated cookbook and compatibility guide explores the world of dating and hosting the various vampire personality types that make up the vast legions of the undead. The e-book is 50% off through the month of July at Smashwords. Buy your copy of The Vampire’s Guide to Dining now!

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