Vampires Have to Shop, Too

Vampires are good at hiding evidence of their existence. But it looks like one of them slipped up. A CCTV camera at a store in Savannah, Georgia has captured video of a man who appears to have no reflection in a mirror.

According to legend, undead bloodsucking vampires hate garlic, cannot go out in daylight, and cast no reflection in mirrors or windows.

In the clip, uploaded to several YouTube channels, two women are watching CCTV footage of shoppers inside a store when one tells the other “just keep watching”.

It is claimed the footage – filmed on security cameras in a shop in Savannah, Georgia, in the US – is being examined after a shoplifting incident.

As the video plays one woman asks: “Do you think he’s the guy that stole it?”

Another responds: “No, no look. It’s crazy, watch.”

The man, in a black shirt and trousers, walks past a row of mirrors, but no reflection is cast. Other shoppers, including a girl in blue shorts, can be seen reflected in the mirror wall.

You can watch the video at the linked article and judge for yourself. It’s very creepy. Note that earlier in the video, another man walks almost the exact same path as the guy with no reflection. He can clearly be seen in the mirror.

So it looks like more is going on here than a simple optical illusion created by odd angles. You know, like an honest-to-goodness vampire!

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