Jesus and Judas versus Zombies

once-upon-a-time-in-jerusalemFirst there was Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter, a low-budget Canadian film that featured Jesus and the Mexican wrestler Santos teaming up to do battle with the undead. Now, the new film Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem takes us to a world in which Jesus accidentally unleashes a zombie apocalypse, and must join up with infamous disciple Judas to put it down.

Variety is reporting that Films Boutique has acquired the international distribution rights to Once Upon a Time in Jerusalem, the feature debut of David Munoz and Adrian Cardona, the duo behind the short film Fist of Jesus.

The film “follows the adventures of Jesus and Judas in a world inhabited by zombies, demons, cowboys, Roman soldiers, mutants, post-apocalyptic punks and all kind of critters. After failing to resurrect Lazarus from the dead, a young Jesus accidentally creates a zombie apocalypse, which Jesus and Judas battle, recruiting 11 mercenaries.”

Check out the new adventures of Jesus and Judas. The zombie apocalypse, and Christianity, will never be the same!

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