Zombie News

zombie-03And we have the trifecta!

If you’re a zombie fan, check out Undead Report, a news website for all things zombie. There’s a lot of material there, including references to popular culture along with news stories that could point to the beginning of a real zombie outbreak.

About the Undead Report

The Undead Report is a zombie blog dedicated to providing truthful and updated news of the undead — zombies! There is a broad spectrum of news which relates to the undead and zombies such as mysterious illnesses, sicknesses, strange diseases and freak creatures, viruses and bacteria may contribute to reanimation of dead flesh, or the mental reprogramming of human minds.

Is this site for real?

Yes. The primary way to survive a zombie outbreak is this: BE PREPARED. If you train your preparedness, health and mental state to be ready to deal with a mass uprising of the undead, you will be able to handle most any emergency. Brain parasites, reanimation, cannibalism and madness are all well documented facts of science. It’s up to you to be newsworthy and prepare for the worst. The Undead Report is here to help you.

We’ve added the RSS feed for Undead Report to this website, along with feeds for Werewolf News (from yesterday) and Vampire News (from a while back). The feeds will help keep you up to date on the latest monster mischief. Enjoy!


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