Werewolf News

Fans of the werewolf in literature, film, television, art, gaming, and just about everywhere else should stop by werewolf news, a site dedicated to all the lycanthrope news that’s fit to print.

Werewolf News was launched by A. Quinton in 2008 to share links to werewolf-related films, comics, books, products, and anything else that fellow fans of lycanthropic horror might find interesting.

Our posts tend to focus on the darker, more horror-based incarnation of the lycanthrope, but we welcome readers (and encourage submissions) from all corners of the diverse werewolf fandom. We sometimes post reviews about the things we find, especially if they’re new, noteworthy, or should be avoided altogether – because let’s face it, not every werewolf movie or book is worth your time.

The site is quite extensive, and posts updates all the time. So this is the place for all you full-moon fanatics to frequent. Check it out, just don’t take any silver bullets.

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