The Craigslist Werewolf

Now this is a weird one. This story was posted four days ago on Craigslist in Denver. It’s plenty creepy, and if you’re a werewolf or paranormal fan you should check it out before it gets taken down. Some excerpts:

The silence was broken when a bizarre incident unraveled this past year. Last August, i was startled by someone trying to kick the front door down in the middle of the day. i could hear them angrily talking on the other side. They pounded on the door repeatedly. They tried their keys in the locks, the doorknob rattled every which way, and they continued trying to force their way in. By no means was it a typical “break-in”, or burglary. It was an insistent, demanding attempt to reach someone.

i didn’t know if it was police at the wrong house, or a family member upset or panicked about something. My heart raced, and my thoughts were a blur. i grabbed a steel pipe from a barbell, and as i looked down at the front room window, i caught a glimpse of my old friend tearing off the screen, and violently sliding it open. He didn’t get very far, it abruptly stopped after a few inches. We kept bars in the window tracks for the very purpose of intruders. (although we never needed them until this day)

Suddenly, my nerves disappeared. It was weird, i almost felt like my sibling was trying to break in. He was like some neighbor kid who was at the house all the time, or parents would just let come over whenever they wanted. Really not so scary, however i was still on edge from the altercation. His energy was spent, and he decided against getting in. He calmed himself, then started talking to what he assumed was me on the other side.

He hadn’t seen me, and i remained quiet. i silently made my way down the stairs. i wasn’t going to open the door, but awaited his next attempt. i tried not to listen to what he said, as not to be coerced. A still moment came, and in a very calm voice, i remember him saying, “I just come by because I miss you guys…” i remained silent. He again paused, then said, “You know what? …HAVE A NICE FUCKIN’ LIFE, BUDDY!!”

In and of itself, kind of ordinary. But here’s where it gets really strange.

i learned an attacker in a trench coat, shirtless, clutching a butcher knife, and smiling from ear-to-ear, tried to claim the lives of several innocent families on the 4th of July in the neighborhood that mirrored mine. i will refer to him only as, “Ravenous”. A family spotted him at the front door of what turned out to be an old high school classmate’s home. (It was later revealed that he had moved away, and no longer lived there. Although his reason for being there that night remains unclear) He was violently banging on the door, and trying to get in the residence.

Families across the street took notice of the commotion. Agitated, he turned his attention to them. He slowly approached them, and someone concerned asked if he was ok. He didn’t say a word, he only smiled. He raised the knife, and kept coming toward them. Everyone panicked, and parents desperately struggled to move their families inside. He then sped up, chasing after them. Children started crying, and everyone was screaming as they tried to get inside. The other neighbors witnessed what was happening, and someone up the street started yelling, warning the other families outside that an attacker had a knife, and was trying to break into houses.

An eerie moment of stillness came, and the chaos outside retreated after residents had all taken shelter from the mysterious attacker. Alone now, Ravenous began calmly walking up the road in the direction of his old place. A few minutes later, police caught up to him. He ignored all verbal commands as they held him at gunpoint, only responding by turning around, and smiling. He began reaching into his coat, and they had no choice but to use force. The officers deployed tasers, which he literally “brushed off”. Several more officers arrived at the scene, and again, he ignored all commands given by them.

They attempted several take-down tactics including strikes with batons, which also had no effect. Police were stunned that the assailant was unaffected by physical force, and a struggle ensued. By now a crowd had gathered, there were police from 2 different counties on the scene. Dozens of residents came out, and witnessed the attacker violently wrestling around with police, screaming, and refusing to surrender. The horrendous scene came to an end in a driveway up the street from the initial attack. Officers tackled him into the side of a parked car, and he was finally subdued.

So more like the kind of thing you hear in an urban legend. Maybe paranormal, maybe drugs or something like that. But here’s the kicker:

After months of legal deliberation, the courts ultimately decided he was unfit to face punishment for all the damages done, and was given a chance at rehabilitation instead. i listened to those innocent families speak out about how their lives were ruined by that one hideous night. He was released from supervision, and victims sat in the courtroom appalled that this beast was being set free for the second time. Recently, he posted online about the Supermoon. He alluded to transformation, flirting with the romanticism of Lycanthropy.

It left me with a sick feeling, and then something clicked. i realized he became that awful thing i quietly dreamed up a long time ago. Years away from that mysterious night, “Ravenous” was released; the monster within. In no way was it a prophecy. But looking back, it’s become an unsettling dream that still haunts me. Today, the town lives in fear from that bizarre, unexplained night. And the sleeping city faces the sinister threat of that monster being released into the night once again.

Is this just a story, or did it really happen? Was “Ravenous” a werewolf, or just a man who by his sheer ferocity convinced the people around him that he was something more than human? Some drugs do that. Some people can perform unbelievable feats of strength when hopped up on adrenaline. And some people can become so manic that they literally lash around like animals.

But it also is true that perhaps the legend of the werewolf was built on a kernal of truth – maybe a kernal just like this one. Enjoy!

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