Hauntings at Grand Central Terminal

grand_central_terminalAccording to “The Ghost Doctors,” a team of paranormal investigators located in New York City, New York’s Grand Central Terminal is haunted – like, really haunted. The team consisting of “Dr. Pete” and “Dr. Stew” has taken to leading groups of amateur ghost hunters through the place after teaching them to use basic ghost hunting equipment like infrared heat detectors.

The Ghost Doctors can often be seen leading groups of rookie ghost hunting detectives through the winding passages and darkened hallways of Grand Central Terminal. After a short but thorough training session in basic ghost hunting including the use of a variety of different ghost hunting equipment, their newly inducted paranomral investigators are off to seek out and explore the supernatural side of this Grand Terminal.

“One of the pieces of equipment our amateur ghost hunters are trained in, is the use of infrared heat detectors which is definitely a cool piece of equipment when looking for some hot paranormal activity especially during the summer months.” says Dr. Pete.

In fact, the Ghost Doctors have lead groups of people hailing from all parts of the tri-state area and “beyond” on ghostly hunts in some of New York’s most iconic landmarks including Grand Central Terminal. “We have people who come to New York City traveling by all forms of transportation to experience a paranormal adventure. And no matter how one gets here, ghost hunting in Grand Central Terminal is bound to be one supernatural ride,” says Dr. Stew.

So if you’re ever in New York City looking for some paranormal action, get in touch with The Ghost Doctors. They’ll be able to hook you up.

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