Zombie Dating on Twitter

So the critics are wrong – zombies do date, after all! Huffington Post reports that if you are a zombie looking for some action, Twitter is the place to be. There apparently is a whole Twitter subculture devoted to zombie dating.

Don’t let the “looming” zombie apocalypse destroy your dating game. When the walking dead begin roaming across America, hook up with the zomBAE of your life via the #ZombiePersonalAds hashtag on Twitter.

Tonight’s @HashNight is #ZombiePersonalAds powered by @HashtagRoundup and @TheHashtagGame pic.twitter.com/lxQMtSU9O9
— jen marie (@aslowriot) April 13, 2017

You never know, you may discover the drop dead gorgeous living corpse of your terrifying dreams.

Check out the article for some of the best examples of zombie personal ads. Zombie daters may also want to pick up a copy of The Zombies’ Guide to Dining. It contains food and drink recipes for all occasions, like that perfect living dead night out.

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